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By Chicago Steel, 03/16/20, 3:00PM CDT


Who showed you the game of hockey and how did you start playing goalie? 

My dad actually played hockey in college and played a little professionally in Germany so I kind of got into the game through him. Then my first or second game in-house, our goalie didn’t show up so they asked who wanted to play goalie and I was the first to raise my hand. I was just goalie for the rest of the season and then obviously for the rest of my playing career until now.

Growing up in California, which goalies did you watch?

Definitely Jonathan Quick. He was a big one, especially being from Los Angeles. His run in 2012, I think a lot of kids in California got inspired by him and you saw a huge growth in goalies there. I’d say Braden Holtby is another one that I watched a lot growing up and I really like his game.

What has your first year with the Steel been like?

I think it’s been awesome. Coming in I didn’t really know a whole lot of what to expect, especially first year of juniors coming from a completely different environment in prep school. I love it. I love all the guys and I couldn’t have asked for a better situation to land in.

What are some things that keep you busy when you're not playing hockey, both in Illinois and California?

Usually schoolwork or Netflix or hanging out with the guys just to kind of get away from the rink and get your mind off hockey. At home, I'll go down to the beach with some of my friends, hang out there. Go into town and grab lunch, just hang out and relax if it’s a nice day out or maybe we’ll go play some golf.