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Getting to Know: Defenseman #2 Jack Babbage

By Chicago Steel, 03/19/20, 3:00PM CDT


Who was your biggest hockey influence as a kid?

My dad grew up playing hockey so it kind of ran in the family. I was on skates when I was about three years old and then when I was 12, my dad built a rink in the backyard and I just fell in love with the game from there. I owe it all to my dad getting me into the sport and all the sacrifices him and my mom made.

Your prep school team at Avon Old Farms had a really talented roster, what was that season like?

It was pretty special to play with some of those players and coming up just short of the championship but winning the large school division, the second-biggest championship, was really special. I still talk to all those kids that were on that team and we’re still close.

You played with Nicholas Wildgoose on that team, which hockey name is better, Wildgoose or Gunnarwolfe Fontaine?

Oh man, I’ve got to say Gunnarwolfe Fontaine.

This season you shattered your previous season-bests with five goals. Do you have a favorite?

The one against Green Bay was pretty cool, I think it was my first game-winner in the USHL. My parents were there and my dad has been at every game where I’ve scored this year so he’s got to come to more games. I think the Green Bay one was just my favorite one.

With two seasons already under your belt for the Sioux City Musketeers, how was your preparation for this season different?

I think I came into the year pretty confident and I didn’t really come into the year with a deer in the headlights feeling or nervous feeling like I did my first two years. I just tried to use it to my advantage. I think it can build confidence when I’m running low, it’s good to be experienced and help out the younger guys a little bit.

What made this year’s Chicago Steel such a special group?

Everybody just comes to work every day and nobody really has an issue with that. We all want to push ourselves and get better and I think we all have the right mindset to come to the rink and use what we have to our advantage and just work hard. We’re not afraid to make mistakes either, we compete against each other and push ourselves to get better so it’s pretty special to be around every day.