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Getting to Know: Forward #27 Matt Coronato

By Chicago Steel, 03/23/20, 3:00PM CDT


Who helped introduce you to the game as a kid?

Probably my dad, we went to a ton of Islanders games when my brother and I were little. Him bringing us there really helped me fall in love with the game.

How did you balance school and hockey from a young age?

When I was younger, I played on two teams in New York and I played on a team in New Jersey for a while which was pretty far from my house so I had to do a lot of work in the car. It was tough but balancing school was always important and it still is, now I’m committed to Harvard. It’s always been important to me to be able to adapt based on the tough situations that hockey creates.

Has it always been a goal of yours to be able to commit to Harvard?

It’s been my dream since I was little to go to a school like Harvard, with that academic reputation. My family wanted that for me, I wanted that, and I had the ability to do it with my grades since I worked hard in school so it’s definitely something I always wanted.

You caught fire towards the second half of the season, do you have a favorite play or memory that stands out?

In December, we played Tri-City when we wore the special Christmas sweater jerseys. I came down the right wing, made a move and came in on a 2-on-1 with Matty De St. Phalle and slid it across back door to him and he put it in. That was just an exciting moment, one of my favorite plays of the year. It was a packed crowd, that game was fun.

How was your first year at the junior level and how have you developed during this season?

This year has been great for a first year. It was really fun. My billets were great, I felt really comfortable with them and as a team we had a great year, winning games makes things a lot easier. The Steel have a great development program and I think my game has grown a ton. Not just with my skill but mentally, learning the game too. I think I’ve gotten faster, my shot’s gotten better but most importantly I’ve just continued to learn. My hockey mind has grown and I think that’s been a huge part of my success this year.

You’ve shown some serious speed this year, would you win a fastest lap contest?

I don’t know if I could say that, I think if I had to choose one guy that would win it, I think Sean Farrell would come out on top. I’d like to think I could challenge him but I think it might be him.