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Getting to Know: Forward #19 Brendan Brisson

By Chicago Steel, 03/25/20, 3:00PM CDT


How did you grow up playing hockey in California?

My parents actually met playing roller hockey on the beach so I was playing when I was younger and it just turned into a passion for me. I played for the local team around where I was from, the Junior Kings, and they had really good coaches like NHL Hall-of-Famer Rob Blake and Nelson Emerson. Just growing up with my best friends and playing hockey every day with good coaches is how I kept falling in love with it.

Where does you attitude on the ice come from?

I just like engaging someone every shift, it makes the game fun and gets you more into it and it kind of brings the other player off their game. Getting under other people’s skin is something I’ve been doing for a long time now so it’s kind of my game.

You have a lot to choose from this season but do you have a goal that felt the best or one that sticks out in your mind?

My favorite goal was probably from a game when we played against my old team, the Green Bay Gamblers in Green Bay. Sam Colangelo came down and passed it to me and I kind of just took a slap shot one timer and it went back bar and in. It felt really cool to share that with my teammates, celebrating in my old barn.

You’ve shown goal-scoring ability as well as play-making ability this season, which is a better feeling – scoring a goal or setting up a teammate?

Obviously everyone loves scoring goals and cellying, I like to celebrate so probably scoring goals but I also like setting up my teammates for goals as well. It feels good, sharing the same energy with a guy who scored.

How has this team come together in such a short period of time during the season?

It’s unreal, even off the ice we’re all so close and it just makes everything so much easier when we play and put all the parts together when we get on the ice. Playing really good hockey with my best friends makes it easier, being that close as a team and it’s led to our success this year.