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Getting to Know: Forward #21 Sean Farrell

By Chicago Steel, 04/13/20, 3:00PM CDT


When did you first start playing hockey and who was your biggest influence growing up?

A bunch of my cousins played growing up so they were the ones who first got me out on skates. My grandparents live on a lake so I started out skating on the pond with my cousins when I was pretty young. I'd say my biggest influence is probably my dad, telling me to stick with it when things weren't going great for me or I wasn't having fun with it. 

Can you explain the hockey culture in Boston to someone who isn't from that area?

I think it's just the sports culture in general. Sports are a really big thing in Boston and everyone's really passionate about the teams there. The Bruins are a really good team and them winning the Stanley Cup in 2011 was really exciting for players and young kids coming up wanting to play hockey. 

You played on the National Team Development Program with eight first-round selections in the NHL Draft, what was that team like and how did your game change because of it?

It was a great experience and it was just a great group of guys, good teammates who were also really good players. For me, it was just about getting better every day in practice and I think overall I came out as a better player. Better defensively, more detailed and better in the little areas of the game that I hadn't really focused on before getting there.

Almost one year ago, you were selected by the Steel in the Phase II draft, what were your first reactions after the draft?

I played for Coach Moore my U17 year at the program, so I had a relationship with him before the draft and I knew it would be awesome to play for him again. I was obviously thrilled when Chicago picked me and it was great to talk on the phone with Coach Moore after that and know who I was getting as a coach. My first impression of all the players was at the main camp in June and I had a really good time there. I met a lot of kids that were going to be on the team and they were all great off the start. 

What was your favorite play that you made from this season?

I'd say my first goal of the year in Pittsburgh, the Fall Classic is always fun, just getting to be around all the other teams in the league. My first goal with the Steel was pretty exciting. I'm pretty sure Matty De St. Phalle gave it to me and I had a little mini-breakaway. I had some room five-hole so I just shot it there and it went in.

Why do you think the team started having success so early in the season?

That came with how many good players we had and the unselfishness of our team. For us, the team was made up of a bunch of good kids to be around so it was easy to get to know everyone in the locker room and then that translated to our success on the ice pretty early in the season.

What was the process like when you decided to commit to Harvard?

It was pretty exciting for me, I knew I wanted to be in Boston and play in the Beanpot one day so I was looking at a bunch of schools in Boston and Harvard was the one I fell in love with. I felt like I really fit in well there with the coaching staff and the players that they had coming in.

If you weren't a hockey player, what would you be doing?

Probably just playing a bunch of other sports. I've always wanted to play football but I never got the chance to growing up because it was always during hockey season. That would be something I want to try, playing high school football.

What position would you play?

I guess I would probably be a running back or wide receiver.