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Getting To Know: Defenseman #5 Colton Huard

By Chicago Steel, 05/08/20, 3:00PM CDT


Your hometown is listed as Welland, Ontario but where did you actually grow up?

I was born in Welland and my entire dad’s side of the family lives there but I’ve never actually lived in Welland, I’ve lived in California for most of my life. I lived in Texas from about grades three through five but for the most part I’ve always been in California. Before my junior career, I spent two years playing at a hockey academy in Canada, too.

You dad, Bill Huard, played in the NHL in the 90’s. Was he the biggest influence in getting you into hockey?

100%, and he still is. He watches every game, I call him after every game and he lets me know his thoughts. This year I would say he gave more mental advice, but still every once in a while he’ll say “Oh what are you doing all the way over there on the blue line, get closer to your partner.” He’ll give me advice after every game for the most part.

You scored in your first game with the Steel on December 28th against Youngstown. What do you remember from that?

I just remember John Spetz and I were both creeping in, both D at the top of the circles. He got the puck and I was calling for it, he gave it to me and I just put it in the back of the net. I was pretty fired up after that.

How do you think you adjusted to the team after being acquired by Chicago?

I thought I handled it pretty well, I was actually really excited and really fired up to go to Chicago. It wasn’t like I was really upset about it. I knew we had a good team, a really good organization and coaching staff so I was really excited.

Did you have any thoughts about what the team was going to be like before you got here?

I knew we had a lot of guys that are going to be high draft picks and super good hockey players. I was kind of expecting guys to be cocky but that wasn’t the case at all. I thought everyone was just good, quality humans and I really like that about our organization and culture in Chicago.

A lot of the guys like to go golfing on an off-day. Is that what you’re most likely to do as well?

I’m not the biggest golfer, I’ll probably go to the beach in California.